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MAXXEAL PU GEL is a hydrophilic type, single component, high elongation polyurethane gel. With its high density and low viscosity, MAXXEAL PU GEL can penetrate into small crack and seal it off and stop water leaking fast and permanently.
MAXXEAL PU GEL can be mix with MAXXEAL PU ONE in order to speed up the foaming time and inscrease the flexibility
Application Area :
Basement Slab
Retaining Wall
RC Water Tank
Lift pit
Swimming Pool
Planter Box

Adventage :
React with huge volume of water and foam as a high density gel
Penetrate into very small crack thru the high pressure injection grouting system
Good bonding the concrete
Fast gel time and setting time
High elongation
Low viscosity
High density
Non toxic when cured, no chemical reaction to the water
No shrinkage
Without plasticizer
Packing :
10 kg/ Pail


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